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Claire Skin Energy Micro-Mousse 100 ml
  • Claire Skin Energy Micro-Mousse 100 ml

product code : A009

TOTAL    280 x 1  =  280 THB

  • Cleanse away impurities with soft and dense micro bubble foam, specially formulated with Natural derived ingredients, Wild Indigo extract and 3 forms of Vitamin C to cleanse the skin thoroughly and promote skin cell renewal, while Caviar Lime improving the appearance of skin tone and radiance. And the subtle refreshing scent gives you a more enjoyable cleansing experience. Great for all skin types.
    - Gently removes sebum and impurities
    - Promotes brighter-looking skin
    - Leaves the skin feeling moist, soft and refreshed.
  • Apply 1-2 pumps of Cleansing Mousse, gentle massage all over the dampened face. Rinse off with water. Use twice daily.