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terms and conditions


ยิWelcome to www.claireeveryskin.com. For your convenience in using our website, please carefully read all the conditions before using. www.claireeveryskin.com, under SLC Interlab Co. Ltd., trademarked as CLAIRE SKIN to sell and promote the company's products as well as acting as a channel for communication between the customers and the company.
Therefore, please review the following terms and conditions thoroughly before entering our website. www.claireeveryskin.com hereby acknowledged that you have read, accept and decided to comply to the terms and conditions. The company reserves the rights to change, alter, or terminate any terms or conditions on the website without prior notice.

Gathered information

The company may obtain your personal information (first-last name, gender, email, telephone number, payment information) from various sources such as stores, counters, social media's database or our website. We also use cookies and other technology such web analytics to automatically collect information when you visit our website.

Copyright and intellectual property copyright

All software codes, presentation templates, trademarks, logos, icons, texts and messages, names, and photos used on this website that are not sourced elsewhere are strictly www.claireeveryskin.com intellectual property. They are all legally protected. Any forms of copying, downloading, or modification of all or partial of the website are strictly prohibited. Moreover, all the products displayed on the websites are patented and copyrighted. The company will not be responsible for any consequences if violated.
Any usage of trademark or other signs related to www.claireeveryskin.com with a service that is not related to www.clareeveryskin.com which could lead to any misunderstanding between the customers and the company as well as potentially affect the company's reputation are strictly prohibited.

Connecting to other websites

If the company's website is connected to other websites that are not under the supervision of the company, the company will not be responsible for any actions of the those websites.

Product descriptions and colors of the images

We tried our best to provide you with the most accurate product descriptions. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all descriptions on the websites are correct, credible and up to date. This applies to the colors of the images that we have put all of our efforts into trying to display as close as possible to the actual product. Nevertheless, the colors appeared maybe vary depending on the screen and/or the screen settings. Consequently, if any products of www.claireeveryskin.com do not match the descriptions shown, the company will not be responsible for all the errors, and will not accept and returns, exchanges, or refunds.
Moreover, the company reserves the right to refuse any responsibilities of any errors on the website ( wrong pricing, wrong description, etc.) The company reserves the rights to alter, change, or terminate any information without prior notice

Terms and Conditions of sale

Exchange and Returns

Claire Skin has a 14-day exchange/return policy and will only accept an exchange/return if the product meets the following criteria :
  • The product was damaged during the delivery.
  • The company did not deliver the right product from your order.
Exchanging of items
  • If you wish to exchange your items, please contact us within 14 days upon receiving the items.
  • If the company delivered a wrong item, the item returned must be in perfect condition, tagged, and still remains in CLAIRE SKIN package. We will check the item returned; however, we reserve the rights to refuse any exchanges if the items do not meet the criteria.
  • If the item you wish to exchange is out of stock, the company will issue a refund within 7-14 working days.
How to return products by postal service
  • Attach your payment receipt along with the product( the product must be in good condition) and send it back by postal service. The item returned will be checked by our staff. Once the verification is complete, our staff will contact you within 5 business days to confirm the status of the item returned.
  • If CLAIRE SKIN is unable to detect the defect on the product, we will return the item to the customer.
  • The delivery could take approximately 7-10 days.
  • The company will not cover the deliver charge.
  • For more inquiries, please contact customer service at 02-381-2561 Monday- Friday 10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.